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Our pet grooming school is designed to certify you in five weeks. This is what your certificate will loook like, click here! We train you in grooming cats as well. A professional pet groomer can earn a well desired income. Work for others or on your own. Call us today to reserve your spot. Join our dog grooming school . Classes fill up fast. We are located around Los Angeles, California. click here!


Mobile Grooming
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Mobile pet grooming at its finest! No need to put your pet in the car and drive to the groomers, only to have your pet there for hours and having to rush back to pick him/her up. Our mobile grooming van provides a calm and safe environment in our custom mobile pet grooming truck. It is equipped with top of the line technology. for information, click here!

Pet Grooming Salon

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Fees as low as $19.95. We are located in Sunland, California.  Your dog or cat’s grooming needs are our specialty. Keeping your dog or cat groomed is not only important to his/her appearance, but to his/her health as well. We also offer free pick up and delivery for your pet on certain days! For more information, click here!


Can't afford hands on?


Pet Grooming School - Dog grooming School
Our pet grooming school in located in the city of Sunland 20 miles outside of Los Angeles, To learn more about our pet grooming school, visit this link.

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