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Wag My Tail Inc is the parent company of (Take a FREE TEST DRIVE). has been a leader in the online pet grooming industry sinse 2009.We have educated and certified over 1500 get grooming professionals worldwide and we have trained many groomers who are currently making a great living in their new rewarding career as animal groomers.

Our online school teaches the same pet, dog, cat grooming skills as our brick and mortor school with the main difference being that all the training is done online. The main teaching tools of our online grooming school are twenty educational videos that demonstrate all the grooming techniques and hundreds of pages of detailed documentation that together give you the tools to learn how to be a professional animal groomer.You also get unlimited support so you never feel that you are alone because answers to all your questions are a phone call or email away. You have up to one year to finish the course.

When you finish the course you will receive two certificates A:You receive two certificates;
(1) "A Certified Pet Hygienist"
(2) "A Certified Pet Groomer"

These certificates will serve you well as real world credentials in the highly lucrative pet grooming industry. There are many benefits to learning to become a professional pet groomer  at our online school:

  • The price for online course is substantially lower.
  • You can study online at your own pace around the schedule of your current job.
  • You can watch the videos over and over and really have the knowledge sink in.
  • You get all the support you need, when ever you need it.
  • You receive the same certificates as students from our brick and mortar school Wag My Tail!
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