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Become a Professional Pet Groomer and a Pet Hygienist in our Official Pet Grooming School


Many Career Opportunities

Getting trained in pet grooming and becoming a skilled pet groomer opens doors to many career opportunities. There is a great demand for qualified pet grooming professionals with veterinarians, animal hospitals, pet shops, pet boutiques, grooming salons, boarding kennels, pet supply stores, animal shelters, and much, much more.

It is the objective of Wag My Tail  to provide the training necessary to prepare the student with the skills required to successfully enter into an entry level position as a groomer in the pet grooming industry.  Attend our pet grooming school today. Call us toll free.


Start Your Own Business

Many of our graduating students start their own pet grooming business and enjoy being their own boss. If you think owning your own pet grooming business is something you’d like to do,- you’ll be surprised at how little it costs to get started with your own business. Attend our pet grooming school today!

If you are working full-time and don’t want to give up your steady income, you can get started by grooming your customers’ pets during evenings and weekends, building up your clientele until you are ready to work full-time as a professional pet groomer. Attend our pet grooming school today. Call us toll free!

What We Teach

Wag My Tail Grooming School 

We offer a 1 week long for the Certified Pet Hygienist and a 5 week long to become a Certified Pet Stylist. Tuition is only $1,995 for the certified pet groomer, $799 for the pet Hygienist. As a bonus when you take the certified pet grooming course, you will receive additional training in Pet CPR. Whether you live around the Los Angeles area, in a city across the US, we welcome you. Call Yvonne or Christine  today for full details.
You will learn detailed studies on dog grooming , products and suppliers, sanitation and so much more. While you might think of grooming a dog as pretty simple, there is actually a great deal to know about it. Professional groomers must learn the character, habits and coat characteristics of many different breeds. They must also know the standards of style and appearance for the various breeds.
To work successfully with dogs and cats, they have to be animal psychologists, understanding how to handle pets with very different personality types and behaviors, making the grooming experience less traumatic for everyone.
Finally, they have to be educators, teaching pet owners what they need to do to maintain their pet's grooming and keep their pet healthy and well cared for.

Become a Certified Pet Hygienist 

Our Pet Hygiene course is only one week long. Your Pet Hygiene tuition is only $799. 
  • Dematting
  • Brushing
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Drying techniques
  • Parasite removal & recognition
  • Handling Pets
  • Teeth Care
  • Kennel & Tub Sanitation
  • Chemical Flea Dips
  • Product Knowledge
  • Skin condition Recognition
  • Anal Gland Expressing
  • De-shedding techniques
  • De-skunking techniques

Become a Certified Pet Groomer 

Our Pet Grooming course is only five weeks long.  Your Pet Grooming certification tuition is only $1,995?
  • Trimming
  • Dematting
  • Coat thinning
  • Shaving / Coat Striping
  • Pre-bath coat shaving
  • Clipper finish
  • Scissor finish
  • Sanitation trims
  • Ear hair removal
  • Popular breed I.D
  • Skin disorder I.D
  • Pet evaluation
  • Product I.D
  • Tools of the trade I.D
  • Animal handling
  • Popular Breed Styles:
  • Teddy Faces
  • Puppy Cuts
  • Schnauzers
  • Cocker spaniels
  • Poodles
  • Bichon.......etc.

Good health and good looks go hand in hand with good grooming ... the best team for accomplishing this is your veterinarian, your Wag My Tail professional groomer, and you.


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